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5 quick things

  1. Sign up to become a ChangeMaker by sending us an email. Contact us.
  2. Share resources about suicide prevention with others. You don’t need to wait until someone is in a suicidal crisis to do this. Everyone needs to know how and where to get help.
  3. Put on a Real Talk fundraising event in your local community. For awareness raising and fundraising ideas click here.
  4. Upload pictures and share your story. Click here to go to our social media templates.
  5. Learn skills and build confidence to have everyday Real Talk conversations. Register here.

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—  Ideas for fundraising and events

There are many benefits of putting on your own event to raise awareness about suicide.

A ChangeMaker event is a great opportunity to get groups of people together to raise awareness about suicide and to make change. We know that people find it difficult to talk about suicide. Getting people together in a safe and welcoming environment encourages open and honest talk.

Our ChangeMakers are in the community, hosting events and raising vital funds to support suicide prevention work.

Download fundraising pack here.

Public Events

We know that every suicide is a tragedy, and it’s painful for those left behind. Putting on an event large or small will enable you to have the opportunity for Real Talk and find support from others in your networks. It’s a chance to come together.

Here are a few examples of what you can do: organise a get together at your home, local coffee shop or pub, running a quiz, music event or bake sale, or donating your birthday gifts or party to a good cause.

Take a look at our JustGiving page to set up your own event page and see what others like you have done:

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Download fundraising pack here.

Personal Challenge events

Perhaps you would like to take on a personal challenge to raise awareness about suicide. Our ChangeMakers say taking on a personal challenge for an important cause they are passionate about really makes a difference to them. ChangeMakers say the process of training and preparing for an event is good for their wellbeing and gives them something to be proud of.

Here are a few examples of personal challenges you take part in: running a marathon or walking long distances, setting a new goal like ‘Dry January’ or ‘Movember’. Challenges are fun and rewarding.

We supply you with tshirt stickers, resources, flyers and donation boxes to support your event.

— Sharing Resources

Sharing resources is a quick and easy way to get important information out there. Can you think of places to share Real Talk information and resources? Good places to distribute resources: your workplace, local pub, café, sports venue or local community centre.

It is important people know there is help available.

Once you start talking about suicide in your community you will surprised how other people will also feel reassured that it is ok to talk too.

You can download and order resources here or please contact us.

— Sharing on social media

Sharing positive messages of hope on social media can really help people who are struggling with suicidal thoughts and behaviours.

Each person’s experience is complex and personal and the reasons to stay alive and stay safe are personal too. You may have something special to share that kept you going in a time of crisis or something you read, heard or a picture that inspired you.

For inspiration and to help you put your ideas, thoughts and feelings into words, we have put together some templates. Go to our Resources page to start sharing online.

You can download and order resources by going to our 'Resources' page.


— Real Talk Conversations

Having Real Talk about suicide shows you care and that it’s ok to talk about.
Sometimes the fear of saying the wrong thing gets in the way of us speaking up and asking about someone’s thoughts or feelings around suicide. The most important thing is to show you care and to listen. During a Real Talk session, you will learn phrases that promote help seeking, are open ended and allow someone to talk.

Please visit our Resources page to download key ways to help start conversations.

If you would like to learn more starting a Real Talk conversation, then please visit our Get Involved page to sign up to our next Real Talk session.

Real Stories:

  • "We can all help people who are thinking about suicide, it is ordinary members of our community who have helped me most. You don’t need to be a professional or do anything extraordinary. Open conversations about suicide and listening are the most powerful tools we have and can save lives." Read more.
  • “When another person’s pain is hard to bear, imagine how unbearable it is for that person. Please don’t walk away, as no one is immune to misfortune and tragedy. One day it could be you who helps someone person in need or needs support yourself.” Read more.
  • Jack Real Talk Community ChangeMaker
    “For prostate Cancer awareness people grow moustaches in November. To show support for Cancer research people wear yellow daffodils. For endangered rhinos people run marathons dressed in elaborate costumes. But for suicide, the biggest killer for men under 50 males, we seem to talk in hushes and skirt awkwardly around the subject, which for many is sadly seen as a shameful taboo. We need to talk about suicide to remove the taboo.” Read more.
  • “I was shocked when I found out that 1 in 15 people have attempted suicide. That figure reflects how many people feel isolated and unable to open up about their feelings. As a community, we can break the stigma associated with these thoughts and start having supportive conversations without judgement or prejudice.” Read more.
  • “I have worked with mental health service users for many years and know too well the cost of suicidal behaviours and suicide to others. Anyone can have suicidal thoughts which are often accompanied with psychological pain. Reaching out to a person with suicidal thoughts can enable them to share their pain and inspire hope in them.”
  • “I am doing a 40-race challenge over 20 months to raise money for local suicide prevention work. Suicide is everyone’s business because it can affect anyone at any time with devastating consequences. It can be preventable if a person in need gets help at the crucial time. Many people perceive this to be a sensitive topic but try not to let that be a barrier. Mental health is just as important as physical health and we all need to talk about it.” Read More


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Disclaimer: ChangeMakers are helping Grassroots to reduce the stigma around suicide, by changing the conversation in the community. It is important to be aware that ChangeMakers are not employees of Grassroots and therefore Grassroots will not take responsibility for any advice given, or actions taken as a result of taking Real Talk, or other Grassroots training or resource.